3 Ingredient Tomato Sauce

All of the cooking blogs that I read have been raving about this tomato sauce, it is the simplest sauce and even a non-cook can cook it (case in point my boyfriend did). From SmittenKitchen to The Amateur Gourmet to Sassy Radish I found this recipe everywhere and it is insanely pleasant because of its simplicity, there’s no chopping to be done and no babysitting needed. Three ingredients, 45 minutes and you have dinner for two, instant gratification.

When I found this recipe back in January I bookmarked it and thought I would look at it later when I was feeling lazy, it turned out that later meant in two days. As I worked late and thought about dinner and the things in my cabinet this was the only thing that came up as an option, simple fast and effortless. I liked it. I pulled out my butter, canned strewed tomatoes, and the last onion in the kitchen when I got home, thinking I was going to end up with something bland and boring. I was wrong. The sauce was rich and creamy, velvety almost with a smoothness I will forever associate with tomatoes.

We liked this sauce so much that I have made it twice since the initial find and the boyfriend has made it once, it is just that good. It hasn’t been adapted much from any of the guidelines I found online so Here it is, more or less as I found it/have remembered it over the past couple of months.

3 Ingredient Tomato Sauce

Adapted from SmittenKitchen via The Amateur Gourmet
Serves 2-3 people

Note: Crushed tomatoes work fine in this recipe but the cooking time should be decreased or else they burn a bit. Also this is one of the few sauces where I would recommend staying away from the parmesan or asiago cheese, it’s got enough flavor already and the cheese actually detracts from it.

1 28oz Can Whole Stewed Tomatoes

4Tbs unsalted butter
1 Onion cut in half

Add the tomatoes, onion and butter to a medium sized saucepan and bring to a simmer over medium heat. Once the tomatoes are soft enough (10-15 mins) using a wide potato masher break the tomatoes up so that the sauce is evenly smooth. Simmer for another 20 to 30 minutes or until you can smell the onion throughout your apartment (or in the next room). Take out the onion halves (make sure you hold them over the pan to drain a couple of seconds) and remove the sauce form the heat.

Pour liberally over pasta and enjoy!

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  1. and don't forget DELICIOUS DELICIOUS DELICIOUS. Also you dont mind giving it people, let's face it though – BUTTER MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER.

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