Blogger Brunch At East Coast Grill

On Sunday morning, in lieu of nursing the tail end of a cold, I went to Blogger Brunch.  Frankly, this was a great decision!  Everything at this particular Blogger Brunch had wonderful spice.  Also, I got to spend some time with and meet some fantastic people: Robin of Doves and Figs, Karen of Gourmet Recipes for 1, and Elizabeth of Free Food Boston just to name a few!  BF and I arrived late to the brunch, so we missed the first round of appetizers (I was way looking forward to that banana-guava ketchup!) But managed to get the second and third rounds which included a Banana Rellena (Muy Caliente!), a Smoked Pork Stuffed Banana with Inner Beauty Hot Sauce:

And wonderful Monterey Jack Grits with molasses-glazed Grilled Banana, Pinapple, Jalapenos, Toasted Pecans and Crispy Smoked Bacon:

Boyfriend and I were both hopelessly in love with these grits and left stating that we would order them as full meals with a poached egg in the future.  They were perfect, though neither of us has really had grits [Editor’s note: I have too had them before! In the South even!], so we aren’t true judges of southern cuisine but these were heaven and with a piece of the pineapple, it was love in your mouth.

Then came the entrees:

I got a Breakfast platter “In the Style of the Yucatan” which was cheesy Scrambled eggs, Black Beans n’ Rice,  Mango-Avacado-Hearts of Palm Salad, Sweet Fried Plaintains, Salsa Roja and a warm Flour Tortilla.  I loved the salad and the Plaintains, but my eggs were a little bit dry.

BF got Cornbread Crusted French Toast With Orange Marmalade, Tropical Fruit and Real Vermont Maple Syrup.  Two thumbs way up to ECG for the real syrup here, you just showed a couple of New England kids that we can have real syrup if we just look hard enough.  Also the French Toast was delicious (I stole some!).

A big thank you goes out to our servers Robin and Arthur who were accomodating and delightful throughout the whole adventure.  You were patient with 20+ foodies who had questions and wanted to photograph everything; Kudos!  Also a huge and grateful shout out to Renee who orchestrated this whole event, you are awesome!  If you haven’t seen her blog yet, go check it out!  This was a great Boston Foodie Outing and I can’t wait to attend some more of them!

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  1. Mmmmmm This all looks sooo good! I have been reading all of your descriptions of this brunch and I am SERIOUSLY hungry after them all! Great recap- and that photo of the lavendar (?) is GORGEOUS!

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