Weekend of eating out (Part 2)

After my indulgent and delicious dinner at Dali, my weekend of eating out continued with an adventure to New Hampshire to meet up with BF’s family for lunch and geocaching in Plymouth, NH.  I had started to come down with a cold the night before and throughout the whole meal I just wanted to be in bed.  I ate about 4 bites of the whole meal, being careful the whole time to not actually touch anything that was in a communal dish or plate.

I’ve eaten at the Common Man restaurants fairly often while I’ve been with BF; his mom tends to thoroughly enjoy the food at their restaurants and they consistently have wonderful service.  Saturday’s lunch was no exception.  We met up in the parking lot of The Common Man Inn and Spa and went inside to a funky dining room full of rustic charm and a truly awesome chandelier.

There was a large block of cheddar cheese and a basket of crackers as soon as we walked in the door.  We were seated immediately and the server took our drink orders with a smile and recommendations.  I got hot cider to soothe my sore throat and BF’s mom ordered the Carrot Cake – a mix of cider and caramel vodka amongst other things.  The hot cider was delicious, perfectly spiced, and felt fantastic on my raw throat.

Next came the appetizers: Poutine made with Gouda was the star of the show.

Mussels simmered in a white wine sauce were a little overcooked but the sauce was creamy and rich – perfect for bread dipping.

As for main dishes, BF ordered the Sugar Shack burger – which he described as anti-climactic (I trust his judgement; he is my resident burger aficionado).

I ordered the Chicken Melt – also anticlimactic and terribly dry.

Next time: I’ll stick to the mixed drinks and toddies; they were delicious.  And I’ve never had a bad dinner meal at their locations, but maybe skip the lighter lunch fair.

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