Blogger Events and a Cookie Swap!

This past week has been a little crazy but worth it.  Monday and Tuesday were busy with work and Wednesday/Thursday were busy with Bloggers!

On Wednesday I went to this little shindig (these photos are not mine, I forgot my camera – Bad Blogger, I know!  Brian of A Thought for Food took these) over at Whole Foods on River Street, where they introduced us to the WF version of three buck chuck, a delightful wine called Three Wishes set to release very soon, a wonderful warming winter brew made by Cisco Breweries in Nantucket called Santa’s Beered, and an absolutely stunning Red made in Spain with a delightful back story.  And let’s not forget the cheese!  The specialty department member, Sean, who was sitting at the cheese table, was helpful and offering up delicious ways to both serve and prepare goat cheese.  There was a Peppadew spread that I literally wanted a spoon for.  A huge thanks to David over at Whole Foods on River Street for organizing and inviting me to come.  It was totally delicious and I had a wonderful time!  Also thanks go to Megan for giving me a ride to the event!  So exciting to finally meet you, Brian, Tania, Meghan, Athena and so many others that evening!  And to catch up with Robin, Liz, and Daisy!


On Thursday, I went to yet another Blogger event, this time it was at Clover Food Labs in Harvard Square.  A big Christmas tree surrounded by trains welcomed us as we all trickled in for a cookie tasting!  The Chief Cookie Girl (and President), Carol, of Geoff and Drew’s, had kindly offered to give all of us local bloggers the special treat of a divine sample of their decadent (and local!) cookies.  These cookies were fantastic.  Let me tell you.

When Bloggers get together

A little backstory: Liz of Free Food Boston got a chance to go and visit the Geoff and Drew’s factory back in November and shortly afterward emailed a bunch of us local bloggers offering the wonderful opportunity to try some of their product.  And ten of us were very enthusiastic to go and eat cookies, but honestly who isn’t?  These cookies were delicious.  I was especially in love with the Oatmeal Cranberry which was a perfect texture and had some lovely warming spiciness, which is saying something as I am usually not an oatmeal cookie fan at all!

Geoff and Drew’s started as a late night warm cookie delivery service in Brighton (Wouldn’t that be the best?  They would get most of my paycheck, for serious).  And grew into what they are today, a world-class cookie ordering and packaging enterprise, full of cool features like cookie wedding cakes and some other really awesome stuff!  In need of a quirky holiday gift and can’t think of anything for that person with a sweet tooth? How about Santa’s Shorts stuffed to the gills with cookies!  And I can even offer you a 20% discount on these little snacks if you use the coupon code: BLOG20.  For serious people, try them.  They are truly (and deliciously) homemade.

When Bloggers get together

There were ten of us and I think we ate 20 or 25 cookies before most had had dinner.  I’m just saying these were delicious.  WORTH IT.  Thanks to Liz, Geoff and Drew’s, Carol, and Clover these cookies were well fantastic!  Also it was great to finally meet, Fiona and Katie (even though we had met on the T on Tuesday which was AWESOME! She also just celebrated her first Blogaversary so go over there and give her some love!).  And to see Liz, Rachel, Meghan, Megan, Daisy, and Jen again!

When Bloggers get together

Bloggers:  I am hosting a Cookie Swap at the Whole Foods on River street next Thursday the 16th. Swapping to actually start at 6:30.  It’ll be awesome.  Email me if you want in or I never received a confirmation from you!  It’s going to be AWESOME.  I swear.

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