Blogger Brunch at Dorado Tacos and Cemitas

I know it’s been almost two weeks since we actually ate this meal, but it was so delicious that I’ve been just reading the recaps (also I didn’t have any of my own photos; all of these are borrowed from other people’s posts, with permission of course).

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On a bright sunny Sunday after a night of insane thunderstorms, I hitched a ride with the lovely Renee over to Brighton for brunch at Dorado Tacos.  We parked and wandered a little bit, Renee introduced me to Kupel’s Bagels (This establishment really should be much closer to my apartment) and then we headed into Dorado.  We took our seats and then looked at the menu.  A bright little cafe filled with sunshine and energy, I was in love instantly.

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I ordered a coffee and doctored it up accordingly (one sugar two creams) and started to drink it.  It was perfect coffee, dark and rich without the charaacteristic bitterness that dark roasted coffees can have; this boded so well for my future meal.  As the rest of the brunchers trickled in I was excited to see Brian, Amanda, Megan, Lara, and Meesh as well as to meet Kimmy and Jacki (if only briefly). 

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Once the avengers had assembled, we all collaborated to fight off the bad guys (i.e. eat brunch) and it was PERFECT.  I ordered the Huevos Rancheros with Patatas Bravas and there just isn’t anything better than Patatas Bravas.  Nothing.  They are spicy, crunchy, and all-around spectacularly delicious.  I realize I talked about my love of Patatas Bravas before, but these were better.  These were spicy enough that I couldn’t finish them and needed backup (thanks Brian!), but in a responsible, I’m-sad-these-won’t-be-good-cold kind of way.  And the Huevos – I don’t think there is a better breakfast food.  Queso fresco – yes!  Perfectly fried eggs – yes!  Wonderfully spicy salsa ranchera that kept the whole thing together – absolutely!  Perfect company to chat with – you know it.  I ended up needing an agua fresca to cool down with; my boring Mainer mouth was just not prepared for that spice, but it was by far, one of the best brunches I’ve had in a while.

Now to go back for lunch… or dinner… or both.  Ah the possibilities.  Thanks to Renee, as usual, for organizing this shindig.  A huge thanks to Dorado Tacos for hosting us so well; opening an hour early to accomodate us while having huge grins and good naturedness about everything.  And to the Boston blogger community as a whole – without the awesome community we have here, the oppurtunities for sweet blogger meetups like this would be nil, and that would be very sad.  Now, I think I need a taco.

Dorado Tacos is located at 401 Harvard Street in Brookline and is accessible via Green Line or the 66 bus.

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