Thoughts On Kathy Can Cook Turning One

Last week was my blogiversary.  And I just let it pass with no fanfare.  I realize that I don’t blog as often as I, or you, my readers, would like me too.  I’m working on that.  Kinda.  But I just wanted to use my blogiversary to say thanks. 

I started this blog after much thought about grad school as a way to determine if food was an obsession (absolutely) or just a passing fad (totally sticking with it, this love of food and I are permanant).  I wanted to make sure sinking 40k into my love of food would be a wise decision.  I did not expect to make friends and find such a network of support. When I started this blog I was also lonely – to a fault, I was scared of the big crowds of this city and missed my small hometown with it’s big blueberry fields and few people.  I wanted the safety of friends around me all the time. I started this blog when I had like 3 people I saw on a regular basis (coworkers discluded) and I was debating moving because I was so unhappy.

Then I went to a Boston Local Food Festival meeting where I met Michelle, Robin and Jon and realized that Boston had an amazing and supportive food community.  I went from knowing virtually no one, to being able to chat all day (probably to my detriment and BF’s irritation) about food, culture, news, and whatever else I thought of.  My eyes were opened.  I’ve spent the past year cooking a lot, putting on more butter weight than I should, meeting simply stunning people, and learning from all of you, commentors, bloggers and friends.  I’ve started swapping canned goods with people (most notably Brian and a debacle involving nearly-missing Blood-Orange Curd).

So thanks Boston Food Community, for giving me a reason to keep blogging and to stick around.  Thanks for reintroducing me to a city that is now firmly home, where I get together for cookie swaps, brunches and bake dates with friends.  Where bananagrams is played ALL. THE. TIME.  And where spring now means I have another birthday to celebrate (my own and Kathy Can Cook’s), which means more cake and another reason to eat out.  I appreciate everything this community gives me – from support on bad days to photography lessons.  You’ve all made me a better and less fearful person.

Now I think I need a cupcake, or at least a cookie.

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5 thoughts on “Thoughts On Kathy Can Cook Turning One

  1. Kathy I'm so glad you found your place in the community! I had the same feelings when I moved into my apartment a year ago. I had no friends, no activities to go to–it was just work and home. Life felt a bit deflated for me too.

    I'm SO glad I met you and can talk to easily and openly with you about food and other topics–and play bananagrams!

    And Happy Blogiversary! I think you blog plenty, BUT I'm still waiting on that red pepper feta dip recipe. I finished what you gave me, and I crave more.


  2. Congrats, so happy to have you in the blogging community. I wish you many more fun and interesting blog posts!

  3. Congrats on your blogaversary! I'm so glad we met through the Boston Local Food Festival and I look forward to more of your fantastic blog posts!

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