Irish Brunch at Tommy Doyle’s

Some weekends you just need to go out for breakfast, either the fridge is empty or you’re slightly hungover and cooking isn’t on the agenda.  So you go out.  Typically when these occasions arise BF and I will walk up the street and go to either the Deluxe Town Diner or Uncommon Grounds, sipping large cups of coffee and eating more food than we can physically hold.  But we always miss bloody marys and breakfast cocktails at DTD or Uncommon so sometimes we motivate and go further afield – hopping the 71 and riding it into Harvard Square for a dimly lit quiet bar.  We head for these bars with the thought of an iced bloody mary and delicious breakfast food.  So we went, BF and I, into Harvard Square for brunch at Tommy Doyle’s.  We had initially planned to head to Tommy Doyle’s for a late lunch after going on a Tour of the Harpoon Brewery but we were hungry as we left our apartment at 11.  So a quick google search later we learned that Tommy Doyle’s had just rolled out brunch!

We hopped the bus and headed into Harvard for brunch at Tommy Doyle’s.  We walked in and they told us we could sit anywhere.  Immediately a waitress with a lovely irish lilt came over and handed us menus.  BF and I both ordered bloody marys, a jalepeno infused one for him and a cucumber one for me.  The bloody marys were delightful with fresh horseradish flavor.  The cool cucumber bloody mary was perfect for a hot summer mid morning drink and BF’s tasted delightfully of the jalepeno flavors.

After receiving our bloody marys we ordered our brunch entrees.  For BF a traditional Irish Breakfast with over easy eggs and for me an order of Eggs McManus.  We basically inhaled the brunch leaving the plates empty and a bit buzzed.  The Eggs McManus was fantastic with Irish bacon and perfectly poached eggs.

BF’s Irish breakfast offered a wide range of delicious breakfast foods, most of them meat and starch.  While hard to share (because we are just occasionally not very good at that) I loves TOmmy Doyle’s fro brunch, and the best part?  Our bloody marys came FREE with the purchase of a full brunch meal.  We spent $26 and got and amazing brunch fro two people and we’re already planning a return brunch trip 🙂

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  1. Irish Breakfast are INSANE and amazing. Love them. I'm going to need to take you to Devlin's in Brighton Ctr. They have amazing brunch.

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