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One of the perks of the Boston food blogger community is the many resources I have at my disposal for hanging out with friends and eating delicious food.  Brunch at OM was no exception to this rule.  When Renee posted the July Blogger brunch was going to be at Om in Harvard square I did a bit of a jig.  I’ve been eyeing Om for a while and desperately wanted to get in and try something there.

Fast forward to the day of the brunch.  I woke up with what can best be described as a mid-winter cold- runny nose, tight chest, coughing; the whole bit.  But I persevered.  I was going to that brunch gosh darnit.  Even if I had to take cold medicine to do it, so I searched our cabinets and found one dose of outdated cold medicine.  I took it anyway and caught a slightly earlier bus into Harvard, where I got more cold medicine at CVS and took a dose of that, all not expired and such.  At this point I was a bit foggy, apparently even if the cold medicine is outdated you should only take one dose, who knew?

Megan and I walked into Om to see a beautiful wall of cascading water and a serene interior.  We were led to an upper level and given seats directly by huge windows, a very considerate seating on the side of Om, Thanks!

As the rest of the brunchers started to trickle in a waiter came over and announced that he was going to bring us all a complimentary lychee mimosa, on hearing this I paled a bit and asked for one of the non-alcoholic drinks on the menu, figuring (I assume correctly) that my double dose of cold medicine and champagne would be a horrific combo.  He brought me a blood orange soda.  It was amazing.  I heard all around the table that the mimosa was pretty astounding too, but that soda was perfect, full of vitamin-C and so fresh I felt like I was eating a blood orange instead of drinking it.  PERFECT.

Then came the food.  Oh, the food.  Just because I was on some cold medicine does not mean I couldn’t appreciate what was basically the most perfect piece of french toast I’ve EVER eaten.  Crispy and brown on the outside and perfectly custard on the inside – I was in french toast heaven, with a chocolate and banana filling inside, I could have eaten a LOT more of that french toast.  But there was still so much more to try!  There were lemon pancakes with orange honey butter – I was on the fence about these I felt that were undercooked and not very good, but I adored that orange honey butter.

For my main meal I chose the duck confit hash with poached eggs and spicy tomato sauce.  When I am ridiculously stuffed up I love to eat spicy foods, it’s actually one of the only times you will find me seeking out things with a kick, I love the feeling of being able to breathe fully after eating something with spice and the way it stands out so clearly in terms of flavor.  This dish was phenomenal I loved the play of the slightly salty hash, the yolk of the poached egg and the heat of the sauce, it worked sooooo well together.  I nearly finished it (impressive as my appetite was pretty near nil)!

So, brunch at Om?  Yes you should probably go and if you don’t do liquor get one of the mocktails.  Mine was insanely delicious.  Also, the best part?  To get a meal and a drink (alcoholic or no) is $15.  That’s it.  An entree and a bloody mary in Harvard Sq for $15? Sign me up.

This brunch was provided free of charge to me through the Boston Brunchers, but all opinions here are my own.

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