Tasty Tuesday Peanut Butter Cream Pie

Last month Jennie lost her husband suddenly to a cruel stroke of fate. She is a food blogger who tells stories beautifully and seems always able to capture a feeling in a single photo.  Our entire community stood up for her – sending virtual hugs through twitter and leaving comments on her blog that were heartbreaking.  A week later Jennie asked that the food blogger community make this pie in honor of her late husband.  It was his favorite and as such meant a lot to her that we would take the time.  We all made a pie.  Some were donated, some were brought to family functions, and some were eaten quietly in a thoughtful moment.  This pie was eaten quietly as I sat with BF and tried to remember to be grateful for the small things that I am given everyday.
The food blogger community is wonderful, with it’s constant support and care.  We all feel for Jennie’s pain even if we don’t understand it.  There were hundreds of pies made in her honor.  Virtual hugs and support were lifelines that we sent her way, lifelines sent to someone we barely knew and who had changed lives in the time she has blogged passionately and sincerely.  I was amazed at the pies that were made and blogged and even more amazed when last week Bloggers Without Borders was launched with its first fundraising effort   going towards Jennie and her family in this trying time as she battles daily to figure out her life without her partner.
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