Craft Brew at the Boston Local Food Festival

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Beer.  We all (ok, most) love it.  From a hearty stout in the depths of winter, to a citrusy summer ale – beer soothes stressful days and always makes sitting in the sunshine better.  Is there really anything better than a well-made craft brew?  I’m so glad you agree with me!  Now, let me discuss how I plan to celebrate this fondness for beer (and other imbibe-ables) at the Boston Local Food Festival.

Those of us over at BLFF central have spent the past year garnering feedback and working to create a second truly awesome event for the city of Boston to enjoy even more than they did last year.  With that in mind, we have set up another (drumroll, please) BEER TENT!  We took all of last year’s feedback and applied it to this year’s event (our space is bigger!) and we will have scheduled tastings, during which time tasters can drink and hang, but afterward they can go back out and enjoy more of the awesomeness that is BLFF.

What is craft brew, you wonder?  Our definition of craft brew over here at HQ is small-batch, locally sourced and alcoholic (because what fun is brew without the wickedness?) bevvies for the 21+ set.  We currently have Cambridge Brewing Company, Watch City BrewPoverty Lane Orchards, and Blue Hills Brewery on board and will keep you updated with more brewers as we receive confirmations.  The tastings will be 2 oz pours for as long as your ticket allows you to hang out in the Daily Catch Seaport Outdoor Grotto (otherwise known as our tasting venue).

So, what’s the scoop on imbibing in all of this delicious craft brew awesomeness, you wonder? Well, aren’t you lucky that you’re here.  Craft brew tastings will be in three two hour blocks (11-1, 1:30-3:30, 4-6) so if you have your eye on one of those blocks, you should make sure you follow @bostonlocalfood on twitter and facebook so you can be the first to see when craft brew tickets go on presale :). Each block will be capped at 225 tickets so GET YOUR TICKETS EARLY.  Remember, we SOLD OUT of tickets last year, so don’t be the sad kid when you go to get tickets day of and they’re gone.  That’s no fun for you as you walk around the festival getting thirsty and wishing for a brewski (while your friends are merrily tasting their afternoon away). Just saying.

So come to Boston Local Food Festival, have a beer, chat up a local (and truly amazing) brewer of the beverage you are imbibing and have an AWESOME time.  I know I will.

Reminder: The Boston Local Food Festival runs for one day only!  October 1, 2011 from 11 am to 5pm.  It will be a lot of fun, look for more information about it here in the near future!

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2 thoughts on “Craft Brew at the Boston Local Food Festival

  1. I'm not a big beer drinker but I do love local food fests, and I had such a great time last year so I can't wait for October! See you then 🙂

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