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Hello!  I’m not really back, yet, but I’m getting there. I have been ruminating on a where I’ve been post and the answer isn’t really exciting. I got a new job in September and I love it – so I spend most of my energy and time on that, thinking about and planning for it. Since I started in this space in March of 2010 so much has changed and evolved; including myself.  I started this blog as a way for me to channel my creative time and energy and as a space to share the things I thought were important, namely food and food stuff. But I am so much more than that and I like so much more than that.

120 Cupcakes made to celebrate dear friends.

Recently I’ve been trying to stop at least once a day and relax, have a cup of tea and listen to some music or turn off my phone and think. This is a challenge – I have lots of screens (within three feet of me at this moment are my Kindle, my 3ds, my (smart)phone, and this computer). And trying to take an hour a day to unplug is seeming like a challenge. So this post is my mini reminder to take a moment and remember how much I love that first sip of coffee, seeing Kaylee Kitten sitting by the door when I get home, and that no matter how overwhelmed and impossible I get BF is there for me – with a hug and something snarkily supportive to say.

Yes, it’s been six months since I checked into this space; but I was just taking a moment. Coming back is on the to-do list soon, I’m just looking for the inspiration and motivation. It’ll be there, it’s just not, yet.

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  1. I’m a Chinese girl, I found your blog because I have the same name—Kathy, when I searched my name with Google, I found this space. and i like your blog about various goodies, and also about your life attitude. Best wishes~ And expecting for your back.

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