Hi!  My name is Kathy. I cook, eat, and in general, gadabout in and around the grand city of Boston, MA.  I have loved food forever – from my first no-bake cookies at 7 to tackling massive cakes that seem to come to me in dreams, food has been a driving force for my whole life.  I started this blog in March 2010 as a way to share my food experiences with friends and family – my goal was to write at least a post per week for a year.  I (pretty much) succeeded.  Along the way I’ve made some fantastic friends and learned a ton of information.

A couple of the “starring characters” you will see around my blog are –
Esther, my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer and the reason I continue to bake regularly.
BF, my fantastic boyfriend who encourages me and eats 95% of the food that I make.
Kaylee, our kitten who is frequently up to no good and loves to photobomb.

A couple of other crucial things about me – I am a video game nerd, though first person shooters aren’t my thing.  I like anything that’s quippy and clever.  Portal is on my list of games that are AMAZING.  Also, classic Mario and anything quirky and different.  I read a lot – mostly YA fantasy/fiction and food non-fiction.  I have a cookbook collection that is constantly evolving and I’m always looking to learn more.  If you want to know more about me or just want to say hi email me at kathy@kathycancook.com.

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