A Boston Blogger evening at UFood Grill

If you read other Boston based food blogs you will have noticed a flurry of blog recaps of a dinner at UFood Grill, a couple of weeks ago.  I was there that night.  These are my favorite things that I tried.  Even now, weeks later I still want one of those smoothies.  Enjoy.

The bistro salad was DIVINE. 
The UFood Unfries – they were fantastic and not FRIED.

Steak tips – tender, delicious and paired with
 simply whipped sweet potatoes.  Bliss.
The UFood Turkey Burger – Moist and delicious
in ways I was not expecting.  Eat This!

YUM.  Smoothie.
This is the “Berrylicious”
Yum More Smoothie,
this time Passionate Peach
Wildberry Tart Frozen Yogurt – So Good!
I wanted it to be warmer out just so I could justify seconds

A couple of notes about UFood: they make a concerted effort to be health conscious in everything they make, most of the food is fantastic, they are accommodating, and they try to serve locally-sourced products!  I love that.  They were fabulous hosts, and even set out extra entrees that were full-sized for us to photograph.  They are a locally owned company that makes delicious “un-fries” on the go. What more do you want out of your fast food?  Now go UFood it up, have a smoothie and a turkey burger.  Bring me with you.
*This meal was entirely complimentary from Ufood Grill but all opinions posted here are my own.
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One thought on “A Boston Blogger evening at UFood Grill

  1. I would love to try that frozen yogurt. And yes, warmer weather definitely justifies second servings!

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